Who We Are

St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Guild (STCPAG) is a non-profit community theater organization under the sponsorship of St. Catherine of Bologna parish located in Ringwood, NJ.

The Guild is non-denominational. It exist to promote cultural awareness and growth and to enhance community spirit for this beautiful area primarily through the performing arts.

The Guild provides a venue for both amateur and professional artists to work together, sharing their creative talents through live theater, recitals, concerts and other cultural events. The Guild seeks to educate the public by providing workshops and lectures on all aspects of the performing arts. The Guild has become a valuable resource for those individuals seeking to train and to practice their skills in the performing arts and related fields.

Whether producing an event or educating the public, we always strive to present the best quality in all of our artistic endeavors.

St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Guild
Board Members:
Rev. Pawel Szurek, Executive Producer
Fabiola Leon Catalano
Jodi Monaco
Jeremy Sperber
Mickey Thys


ST. CATHERINE OF BOLOGNA PERFORMING ART GUILD - 112 Erskine Road, Ringwood, New Jersey 07456
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